Designed to be the operating system for the smart communities of tomorrow, Rokwire is a mobile ecosystem that puts people first. It’s open source. It’s inclusive. And it’s built with a groundbreaking approach to privacy.

Developers building on the Rokwire platform integrate diverse streams of data and sensor information to present user-personalized results – all while reducing mobile app development times by 75%. Rokwire turns overwhelming amounts of local information into meaningful, personal experiences. It’s re-centering our data-driven communities on the people who live there.

Rokwire is an open source mobile software platform developed by Smart, Healthy Communities, an interdisciplinary initiative based at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. We are specialists in science and computing, design and the humanities. Together, we’re working to realize the promise of the information age: Not just better tools, but a better world.

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