Quick Poll and Find Out

If you ever find yourself sitting on the Quad on a busy day, try sending a Quick Poll to the people around you right from the Illinois app. Quick Polls are an entertaining and surprisingly informative way to send a multiple-choice question to everyone in your Bluetooth range and watch the votes show up in real-time.

Try using Quick Polls when you’re looking for a place to grab lunch. You can list some options and let everyone else make the decision for you. You won’t be waiting long to eat because everyone with their notifications enabled will see the poll right when you send it. You never know what you might be missing.

Have you tried asking people what they’re streaming lately? I know you’re looking for something new to watch – everyone is. Instead of spending thirty minutes of your weekend trying a new show that you aren’t even sure about, send a Quick Poll asking everyone else what they would watch first.  

Quick Polls aren’t just for lunch outings and Netflix weekends – they’re also useful in the classroom. Faculty, staff, and teaching assistants can ask their students to vote on what activity they want to do that day or which group should present first. Students might prefer to vote on something anonymously and Quick Polls are a great way to give everyone a chance to be heard.

Sure, you can poll people on Instagram or GroupMe – but those platforms could take a lot longer to garner results. Who has the time? Plus, Quick Polls will gather votes only from the people around you – so you aren’t bugging your entire Instagram following with questions about the best pizza in Champaign-Urbana.

Download the app today and start setting up your smart, seamless campus experience. 

Illinois App >> Browse >> Quick Polls

The Illinois app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Visit https://app.illinois.edu for more information.