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Smart, Healthy Communities Initiative


Podcast: Overcoming Challenges of Entrepreneurship with Dr. Sanjay Patel

The following is a conversation between Dr. Peter Ondish and Dr. Sanjay Patel, professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and a founder of several start-up companies. In this episode, we discuss entrepreneurship and the challenges that come with trying to bridge the gap between research and marketable products with high real-world impact. In this episode, Sanjay…

Podcast: Creating technology that preserves our health, well-being, and privacy

In this conversation between Dr. Peter Ondish, research scientist at the Center for Social and Behavioral Science, and Professor Bill Sullivan, the Director of Rokwire and the Smart, Healthy Communities Initiative, we explore the connection between healthy outdoor environments and smart, healthy communities. Learn why Sullivan, a professor of Landscape Architecture, is shifting his interests to…

Can communities use smartphones to reduce violence?

Rokwire is a central part in a joint research project exploring ways to use smartphone apps in community responses to violence. The project brings together a team of engineering and social and behavioral science faculty, along with such community partners as the City of Champaign.  The researchers will investigate both social science issues and technical…

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