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Smart, Healthy Communities Initiative


Deakin University’s Smart Personalized Digital Assistant

Deakin University (July 2017)

We’re paying attention to other campus apps to see what we can learn about creating useful, personalized digital resources for students. Watch this short video to learn about the Deakin University Genie app, an innovative app with big ambitions.

Design Principles Behind the OSU Campus App

At Rokwire, we’re interested in learning from other campuses that have built successful campus apps. As part of the Rokwire Forum series, Rokwire director Bill Sullivan recently interviewed Ben Hancock, the Director of App Development for the Ohio State App.

Digital avatar of UNLV President Whitfield

UNLV President Turns Himself Into an AI

Inside Higher Ed (March 2, 2022)

How can university administrators create more personal connections to students? The University of Nevada at Las Vegas has found a novel way to engage with students through AI.

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