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We seek a variety of partners–individuals, industry leaders, universities, companies, nonprofits and others interested in contributing to and adopting this path-breaking work. Partners can work with us in several ways: 

  • Adopters use the Rokwire platform to develop customized apps offering a particular set of services for members of their community.
  • Contributors contribute code and software to the Rokwire open source platform.
  • Researchers from academia and industry collaborate with us to study problems and develop solutions by utilizing the unique capabilities of our system.
  • Service Providers collaborate with us to integrate their services into Rokwire apps and produce smart capabilities.

Check out a few of our past and present partners below. 


Adopter Contributor Service Provider

Rokmetro builds customized Rokwire applications for various organizations. Rokmetro also provides expert technical support for installation and configuration of Rokwire for organizations who wish to install a sitewide instance of Rokwire. Rokmetro's services are designed to facilitate adoption of Rokwire at companies, institutions, and municipal districts.

Rokmetro supports the joint development and distribution of Rokwire applications for special purposes. For example, Rokmetro worked with various universities, public school systems, and public safety departments to adapt the Rokwire COVID-19 app to support virus testing programs at these different locations around the U.S.

Rokmetro is led by the chief innovator of Rokwire. Rokmetro's engineering team has contributed code to development of the Rokwire platform.

Inabyte Inc.


Inabyte Incorporated is a software and professional services company based in Novato, California. Founded in 1996, Inabyte provides solutions and services for developers and end users of PCs or workstations running on the Windows platforms. 

Inabyte's consulting services include custom-written applications, original source programming, program design and architecture and more. They specialize in user interface design, component development and database applications.

Inabyte has contributed important design and software development to Rokwire Building Blocks and mobile applications.


Researcher Service Provider

The Converge Engine is a digital recommendation service that provides recommendations based on user preferences and helps groups make decisions. Converge is a Capability in the Rokwire platform, helping users to find options that best suit their needs. The Converge Capability in the Illinois app, for example, recommends events based on users' previous selections and indicated preferences. Converge scores the applicability of each recommendation.

The Converge recommendation platform was created by a team of students in the Alchemy Incubator at the University of Illinois graduate school in Electrical and Computer Engineering.



Pixo is a design agency based in Urbana, Illinois, that creates apps, websites and software following principles of human-centered design. Pixo works with Rokwire to create software and capabilities for the Rokwire platform. Pixo has made significant contributions to the user interface design of the first Rokwire apps.


Service Provider

Touchnet provides Illini Cash used for dining and printing. Its services are integrated into the Illinois App.

SideArm Sports

Service Provider

Sidearm Sports provides scores, statistics and live streaming of games and matches for the University of Illinois athletics program.


Service Provider

Parkhub's service is integrated into the Illinois App. It allows tickets to be scanned at State Farm Center and provides mPOS that go through Paciolan for purchases.


Service Provider

Paciolan provides ticketing and parking at sporting events at the University of Illinois State Farm Center. They have integrated their services into the Illinois App.

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